Visual Arts

The Visual Arts 7-10 program provides an opportunity for students to enjoy the making and study of art. It builds an understanding of the role of art in all forms of media, both in the contemporary and historical world, and enables students to represent their ideas and interests in artworks. 

Students learn about the pleasure and enjoyment of making different kinds of artworks in 2D form such as Drawing, Painting, Printmaking; 3D Forms including Sculpture; and Ready Made works to investigations of the 4th Dimension, such as Digital Photography and manipulation of images through Photoshop, Instillation and Performance Art.

Students learn about how art is shaped by different beliefs, values and meanings by exploring artists and artworks from different times and places between the artist-artwork-world-audience. They also explore how their own lives and experiences can influence their artmaking.

Through the Visual Arts, students learn to develop their research skills, how to approach experimentation and how to make informed personal choices and judgments.

Study of the Visual Arts in years 11 and 12 allows students to build upon their understanding of the world through in depth investigations of the conceptual framework and development of the Body of Work. Students who study the Visual Arts develop skills in perception as well as critical, historical, conceptual and evaluative abilities.

The Visual Arts course involves excursions to Art Galleries and an “artist in residence” program.