Domremy girls are expected to exhibit courteous and co-operative behaviour at all times while travelling to and from school. Students must follow the instructions of school prefects and Year 12 students who have a responsibility to report any unacceptable behaviour. Any report will be followed up by Year Co-ordinators or Homeroom teachers.

In the morning and afternoon, students should travel by the most direct route to school.

  •     For safety reasons students are encouraged to walk through built up areas where they are clearly visible and not through secluded areas such as parks and lanes.
  •     Students are not allowed to wait or go to shopping centres/districts before or after school while in school uniform unless they are accompanied by a parent or have sought written permission from a Domremy teacher.
  •     Students who have been issued with free bus and/or train passes must abide by the conditions of use described on the back of these passes. Transport inspectors have the right to do spot checks on buses and /or trains and may confiscate and/or fine any student who is missing their pass.