The Technology (Mandatory) course is studied in Stage 4 (years 7 & 8) and is the foundation course for a range of elective courses in the Technology learning area.  Students wishing to continue their technology studies can do so by electing one or more of the Stage 5 (years 9 & 10) Technology courses – Design and Technology, Food Technology, Textiles Technology and Information Software Technology.

Technology (Mandatory) develops in students an understanding of design and design processes as well as the technologies that can be used to produce creative and innovative solutions to identify needs.  This course enables students to select and use a variety of materials, tools and techniques in a responsible and safe manner.

Students will learn about the processes of designing through the development of quality design projects in the areas of:

  • Built Environments
  • Products
  • Information and Communications.

A key aspect of the Technology (Mandatory) course is to study the work of designers and the impact that technological advances have on society and the environment.

The aims and objectives of the Stage 5 Design and Technology course are to build on the knowledge gained in Years 7 and 8 Technology Mandatory and to continue extending skills in a variety of design focus areas. Students will select Design and Technology to engage themselves in technological innovation and the world of design, while exploring the impact of design on individuals, society and the environment.

Food Technology is offered as an elective subject at Stage 5 and for further study at Stage 6, building on the knowledge and skills that students learned during their Stage 4 studies. Food Technology provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of food properties, processing, preparation as well as exploring nutritional considerations and consumption patterns in relation to food.  Students will explore food-related issues through a range of practical experiences, allowing them to make informed and appropriate choices with regards to food.

A study of Textiles Technology provides students with a broad knowledge of the properties, performance and uses of textiles in which fabrics, colouration, yarns and fibres are explored.  Students will investigate the work of textile designers and from their research make judgments about design ideas, selection of materials and tools and quality of items.

Hospitality (Operations) is a Vocational, Education and Training (VET) course offered in Stage 6, that aims to facilitate a smooth transition from school to work and/or to further education and training.  It is a diverse course that allows students the opportunity to gain dual accreditation:

  • UAI at the Higher School Certificate
  • Statement of Attainment towards Certificate II in Hospitality (Operations)

This enables students interested in a career in the Hospitality Industry to pursue it either at university or TAFE.  The course covers training in general work skills as well as the development of practical skills.

As part of the course, students complete two weeks of Work Placement.  Students will also gain practical experiences by being involved with the planning and development of school based functions.

Core content of the Information and Software Technology course provides students with specialised knowledge of past, current and emerging technologies, date, hardware, software and people involved in the field of information and software technology.  The core also includes legal, ethical, social and industrial issues.  Options include artificial intelligence, simulation and modelling authoring and multimedia, database design, digital media, the Internet and website development, networking systems, robotics and automated systems, and software development and programming.

In Years 11 and 12, the Information Processes and Technology course is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to pursue a career in the computer field, use a variety of computer applications in future work or study, or, students who simply wish to become more familiar with computers and their applications.