Solais Building Development

In 2016 the College identified the need to upgrade its Library which had been operational since the 1960's. With it began a vision to upgrade the campus to deliver modern, new and dynamic facilities and resources for its students and teaching staff.

Estimated due for completion in 2020, the Solais Building Program will see state of the art teaching and learning spaces which will ehance the student learning experience and which is designed to support students as they enter their next 21st century tertiary education and working phase.

Designed by Hayball Architects, in conjuction with Dr Ben Cleveland, an educational specialist and, in partnership with Sydney Catholic Schools, Solais will contain a suite of facilities and teaching and learning spaces to complement Project Based Learning outcomes and facilitate collaborative and empowered engagement in learning.

The College wanted a hands on experiential phase before completion of the design and, with Hayball, transformed four existing traditional classrooms into the Sandpit Prototype. The Sandpit has been extensively used by teachers and students since the end of 2017 as part of the educational brief and to inform the next phase of design and building works. In December 2018, the Sandpit won the Winner Award for Renovation/Modernisation Category of the NSW Association for Learning Environments Awards (LEA). In May 2019, it won the winner award of the Renovation/Modernisation Under AU$2 Million category and was the winner of An Innovative Education Initiative category in the LEA's 12th Annual Australasia Awards for Excellence in Educational Facilities.

This significant building program will provide a new wing of learning spaces and classrooms specifically for Years 7 and 8, gently transitioning them into secondary school, a new Library, Theatrette, tutorial rooms, 'incubator spaces', presentation and maker spaces, and quiet senior study spaces including a senior quiet reflection space in the Lantern wing.

Hayball in close consulation with Domremy, has been sensitive to retain the historical and Presentation heart of the College while still delivering a modern space with improved natural lighting, air and ventilation, new fittings and fixtures all designed to improve the learning experience for our students. 

Solais. Solais, a gaellic term for Teaching Light or Learning Light, is a fitting choice for the name of our new building program, drawing on Domremy’s Presentation Irish heritage, with Nano Nagle as the Lady of the Lantern bringing education to the little children in Ireland.

You can keep abreast of our building development on this page of news items, with the latest update appearing at the top.

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Hayball Architects and Domremy win LEA's 12th Annual Australasia Awards - Solais Sandpit - 31/5/19

We are excited to announce that Hayball Architects and Domremy College's Solais Sandpit are winners in the LEA's 12th Annual Australasia Awards for Excellence in Educational Facilities. Read more in our Solais Sandpit Awards Update 31/5/19

Project Update - 24/5/19

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Project Update - 21/5/19

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Project Update - 17/5/19

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Bird's eye view of construction site - 13/5/19

View drone photos providing a bird's eye view of the of the construction site.

Solais Building Development - Architect's impressions - 3/19

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Solais Presentation Folder - 3/19

Exciting new Year 7 and year 8 Classrooms, Library and Theatrette, Maker spaces, Tutorial rooms and Incubator spaces are all part of the new Solais Building Development estimated due for completion at Domremy College in 2020.

Read more about this fabulous new development and our Award winning Solais Sandpit in our Solais presentation folder



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Solais Sandpit - Award Winner - 6/12/18

Domremy College is pleased to announce that, together with Hayball Architecture, it was awarded Winner of the Renovation/Modernisation Category in the NSW Association for Learning Environments (Australasia) 2018 NSW Chapter Awards for its Solais Sandpit. Read about it here, Solais Sandpit - Award Winner.

Solais - The Sandpit 2018

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