Social Justice

In the Spirit of Nano Nagle, we encourage all members of the community to become active Presentation people and endeavour to continue to carry the Lantern to all in need. The Social Justice Program complements the Youth Ministry Program in that it provides both staff and students with opportunities to take action and live their faith in the areas of Social Justice. Thus, the community is called to:

  • Inform ourselves and others,
  • Reflect on what Jesus would say/do
  • Act and make a difference


At Domremy the Social Justice Committee meets regularly to discuss contemporary issues and to decide on issues of need to which we will respond in action. Some projects which we have responded to are:

  • Project Compassion
  • Nagle Camps for disadvantaged children
  • Cancer Council Fundraising
  • House of Welcome Hampers
  • Nagle Centre Hampers
  • St Vincent De Paul - Buddies Day, Winter Sleepout, Breaky VanParticipation in Archdiocesan Awareness Days
  • Wrap with Love
  • Initiatives around Social Justice Awareness Days such as Reconciliation Week and Mental Health Awareness
  • Red Shield Appeal
  • Uplift Project
  • Stella FellaRose Gallagher Hampers
  • Specific focus on Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Homelessness.