A knowledge of Science and the scientific method is essential for contemporary Global citizens. At Domremy College we emphasise the relevance of science to the students’ lives and our Australian environment.  We do this by choosing contexts that have meaning to our students, to enhance learning experiences. We build on these contextual ideas by using laboratory activities and investigations to give ‘hands on’ experience and to illustrate the practical aspects of the theory.  

Constantly changing scientific knowledge has increased the emphasis on the skills needed, not just to seek out information, but also to evaluate its accuracy, detect any bias in the source, and then consider how it may affect them.  Skills learned are not only in using science equipment but also in problem solving, thinking critically and using their creativity and imagination. These skills now constitute a significant part of learning.

Stage 6 Science Courses are offered - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Senior Science and Earth and Environmental Science. Students who study senior sciences find the work rigorous and challenging.  Many of our past students of Science have gone on to study Science or Science related courses at university.