Religious Education

As a Catholic school, founded in the tradition of Nano Nagle and The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Sisters, Domremy College sees the Religious Education of the students as being of the utmost importance. It is both a curriculum in its own right, following the Sydney Catholic Schools RE Curriculum and it permeates the very life of the College. All girls are invited and expected to participate fully in the religious life of the college.


Religious Education is a process whereby the students are assisted towards:

  • making sense of everyday life experiences and in the broadest contexts of mystery, complexity, confusion and awe;
  • gaining access to and an understanding of the Christian community; its story, its experiences and its teachings;
  • celebrating the traditions with others;
  • responding to the activity of God in their lives and in the whole of creation.

As Domremy College is a community with a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and religious experience, our Religious Education programme is directed towards deepening and strengthening the Christian faith in the Catholic Tradition which has been initiated in the family. Throughout the school year the students participate in a variety of learning experiences - liturgies; prayer experiences; community service, social justice programmes; immersions; retreats and reflection days.

In Years 11 and 12 the girls are also offered the opportunity to study the Board of Studies Course, Studies of Religion, as a HSC option. This course provides the girls with an opportunity to explore the way in which a variety of religions endeavour to make and give meaning to life. Living in Sydney in the twenty-first century, surrounded by peoples from many religious traditions, this is a most relevant and interesting course of study.  Alternatively, students may choose the Catholic Studies course which extends the course studied in years 7 to 10 and includes a topic on Ethics.