Co-curricular Music

Major Ensembles


The Choir perform both contemporary and liturgical music at a variety of College events, including Music Showcase, liturgies/masses, Carols at Park View and other community showcases.


The Orchestra are a large ensemble catering for musicians of all ages/skills. They perform film scores, contemporary works, student compositions and liturgical scores. The Orchestra perform annually at the Opening and Domremy Day masses, Ferragosto, the Celebration of Excellence Evening and the Music Showcase.


Advanced Ensembles

The Music Department offer a variety of ‘Advanced Ensembles’ to selected students each year.

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble is a small ensemble of highly skilled string players (Violin, Cello, Viola or Double Bass). The String Ensemble frequently perform at local functions, including SCS Cocktail Evenings, Weddings, masses and the Music Showcase.

College Musical and Orchestra

The Music Department, in conjunction with the Drama and Dance departments, produces a Musical every two years. This productions includes singers, dancers, actors, orchestra and stage managers. In 2017, Domremy is producing a special 10-year anniversary production of The Wizard of Oz. Recent productions include: Guys and Dolls (2015), Oliver (2013), Annie (2011), Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009), The Wizard of Oz (2007).

Production and Songwriting Club

With the installation of the recording studios, students are offered the opportunity to learn about Songwriting, Production (producing music through Pro Tools) and recording. Students are mentored through the program and enter competitions such as the AICMF National Songwriting Competition, and a number of students have their music currently receiving airplay on community radio stations (2RDJ) and Triple J’s Unearthed.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band perform Swing/Blues and Fusion Jazz Music and have recently competed in the Generations In Jazz Competition in Mt Gambier. Having a reputation for their great calibre, they frequently perform at local community events.

Rock Band (Senior and Junior)

The College boasts two Rock Bands which perform their own and covers of rock hits! The ensembles receive mentorship from the Music Staff and industry mentors. The Rock Bands compete annually in the “Battle of the Bands”.

Songwriting/Production Club

The talents of our Domremy College students are fostered and displayed in the Songwriting Club, where students are guided by an experienced composer in the art of songwriting and film scoring. Students are encouraged to enter various competitions throughout the year, and have had the opportunity to enter a professional recording studio to record their music. In 2013, a Domremy College student achieved 3rd Place in the AICMF National Songwriting Competition, and a number of students have their music currently receiving airplay on Triple J’s Unearthed and Unearthed High