Domremy - A History

29th March 2021
A wonderful look back at Domremy College. Written and directed by one of our very talented teachers, "Domremy - A History" begins in

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A wonderful look back at Domremy College.

Written and directed by one of our very talented teachers, "Domremy - A History" traces the history of the establishment of the College to date.

This establishment did not begin as a school. Back in the 1880's, Arthur William Sutton purchased the 46 acre establishment and built an Italianate Victorian mansion in 1881 which he called Delapre (a french phrase meaning of the meadow).

Arthur William Sutton is not only important to the history of Domremy but also to the history of Five Dock, going on to become an elected Alderman in 1871 and later becoming Mayor of the first Council.

In 1896 the Sutton family sold the establishment to Dr C Gibbons, who renamed our beloved Delapre, Brocklesby.

Delapre's history was cemented in 1910 when it was purchased by the Presentation Sisters. 

Domremy College was established on 25 January 1911 when the school opened to 12 pupils only this first day and the first classroom was the mansion's grand ballroom. 

The Presentation Sisters also renamed the mansion from Brocklesby, as it was then called, to Domremy, in honour of the birthplace of St Joan of Arc, the patron saint of Haberfield Parish.

There have been many changes to Domremy over the years. In 1917 Domremy became an infant's primary school for girls and boys, whilst remaining a secondary college for girls. A weekly boarding school was also established for a period and further wings added. 

By the mid 1950's, a community of 22 Sisters were educating nearly 800 students at Domremy and in the neighbouring parishes of Haberfield and Five Dock. The high school was extended and eventually became a Year 7-10 systemic school for girls within the Sydney Archdiocesean Catholic education system in 1964. Additions to the school were made and later the Infants school closed in 1974 followed by the Primary school in 1976. The facilities were adapted for secondary education.

In 1985 approval was granted to provide secondary education from Years 7-12 and the first HSC graduating class was the Class of 1987.

In 1997 the Presentation Sisters withdrew from the leadership of Domremy College and the first lay Principal was appointed in 1998.

Domremy College has never stayed static, and is always moving witht the times. We welcomed the Brenda Quinn Centre in 2012 along with the Mary McKillop Learning Centre.

In 2021, we opened our newest building, which coincides with the 110th anniversary of the school. Our newest building is modern, sleek and versatile and is centred upon the education of modern, fearless and independent young women.

Women who are ready to take on the world. 


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