Domremy College is a Catholic school community committed to the education of young women in the Presentation tradition.

Through quality teaching and learning we strive to empower students

·      to recognise their self worth and reach their potential;

·      to work towards independence;

·      to become women of courage and integrity;

·      to question and challenge the values of society;

·      to work for justice;

·      to promote the dignity of the human person.

The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic schools outlines the mission and purpose of Catholic schools in its introduction…

“Catholic Schools have a unique role in the evangelising and educating mission of the Church.”

The Charter has eleven elements that Catholic schools are called to live out.


The first of these is to:

“Give witness to their distinctive educational, spiritual, moral and social purposes within the evangelising mission of the Church, founded on faith in Jesus Christ, and express this in a Mission Statement that identifies their traditions and charisms.”

(Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic schools)