The philosophy of the English department is firmly grounded in the view that teaching is relational. Each student has the potential to achieve her best in a collaborative learning environment. The English classroom is a place where students are encouraged to develop their ideas about different texts such as novels, films and plays through their written and oral expression. The English classroom is a place where students are encouraged to think critically about the world around them.  

Students study novels, films, plays, poetry, Australian, Indigenous and Shakespearean texts across stages 4, 5 and 6. Students are given opportunities to study texts from other times and places as well as a range of genres.
Each stage of the English course builds on each other and students are given many opportunities to reflect and respond to these texts.

The College provides students with the opportunity to experience a theatre performance each year. In the past these performances have included Shakespeare, one act plays, poetry, theatre sports, storytellers, puppeteers and mime.

Students are encouraged to read widely. The English staff nurture and foster a love of reading in each classroom. Students are encouraged to talk about their favourite books. Wide reading is structured in many ways to accommodate for a range of interests and student needs. Literature Circles and activities promoting Children’s Book Week and a range of reading competitions are strongly supported by the English Department.

Stage 6 Courses

The following English courses for the HSC are offered at Domremy College:

  •     Preliminary HSC English (year 11) Extension 1, Advanced, Standard and Fundamentals of English
  •     HSC English (year 12) Extension 2, Extension 1, Advanced and Standard.