College Crest

After the Presentation Sisters closed their convent at Domremy in 1987 it was decided to revise the College Crest to reflect the College’s status as a Presentation School inspired by the charism of Nano Nagle.

The shape of the crest represents the shape of a shield upon which other symbols are displayed.  The shield’s shape is itself modelled on the shape of the ring worn by the Presentation Sisters and under the name of the College contains a symbolic flame surrounding a cross, itself radiating light, and the letters PBVM, all sitting above the College’s motto La Verité, The Truth, which is itself presented within scroll work intended to symbolise a candle.

Thus the flame, a symbol of light and truth contains within it the cross, the primary symbol of Christ’s death and resurrection, and the abbreviation of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, representing the charism of Nano Nagle, which still invigorates the life of the College. This flame burns on candle bearing the College motto which itself invokes the full passage of the Gospel from which it is drawn (John 8:32) “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”