Travel Passes

Students who live outside a radius of 2km from the school are entitled to free (bus, train and private bus) passes. A map, provided by the State Transport Authority, is available for inspection at the Student Office for anyone who may be uncertain about eligibility.

Free travel and concession cards are subject to VISA Classification for non-permanent and full fee paying overseas students. For more information regarding temporary visa holders, please contact: Department of Education and Training (Temporary Visa Holders Program Unit) on 1300 300 229 or visit All application forms for free travel passes should be obtained from the Student Office, completed, signed by parent(s) and returned to the office for mailing. Passes will be issued by State Transit and then given to student(s) at school.

Please Note:

  • Travel passes are issued for travel for one route only. If there are alternative routes possible to travel to school please choose carefully the most direct one to take from home to school. If a student is required to travel to the non-custodial parent’s home, they need to apply to the Ministry of Transport. Forms can be obtained from the Student Office.
  • Students are reminded to take great care of their Free Travel Passes and that they are for their own use only. If bus or rail passes are lost, then a ‘replacement for lost pass’ form is available from the Student Office. This form should be completed by the parent/guardian and returned to the Student Office together with the replacement fee of $15 which can be paid by cheque, money order or credit card. The Secretary will fill in the Pass Number, stamp the form and forward by post to the State Transit Authority, Student & Staff Passes Unit, PO Box 2557, STRAWBERRY HILLS 2012.
  • Students who are ineligible due to proximity of their place of residence, can apply for free travel if the student has a medical condition or there is a safety concern. 
  • Students who are not eligible for issue of Free Travel Passes to/from school due to distance, may be interested in the purchase of school term tickets for bus travel at a cost of approx $45 per term. Application Forms for these tickets will be available from the Student Office. 
  • A standard of conduct comparable to that expected at school is required of students during travel to and from school. They should at all times respect everyone with whom they travel.
  • Students are to travel to and from school by the most direct route. Thus, specifically nominated bus stops are the only ones to be used by Domremy College students.
  • Issues or complaints concerning bus travel are best directed towards the Duty Manager of the appropriate bus depot who is in the position to investigate and act upon an issue immediately. Most issues involving travel should be handled at the local level between parents and the bus company, however, if you believe that any incident warrants the school intervention please inform the Student Office.