Domremy's call out to donate bras for women in need

18th September 2017
... “If we can help some of these women through such a simple way, ...

A bra is a basic necessity but one which many women, particularly in developing nations, are without. For many it is an unobtainable or unaffordable luxury. Far from being a fashion accessory, for these women a bra is something which is important for their health and wellbeing.

The Uplift Project is a registered charity and collects new and good quality second hand bras for distribution wherever there is a request.

The College is lending support to the cause and running a Bra Drive. An initiative of the Social Justice Committee, and in its second year, collection boxes have been placed around the College and the push to help has gone out to the Domremy community.

“This is a great charity to support. A little goes a long way for women who don’t have the means or opportunity to own a bra which for most women is an everyday item”, said the College's Social Justice Prefect. “We have learnt that for many women in disadvantaged communities, providing for the family is the priority and this means that buying a bra for themselves is seen as a luxury and may be frowned upon, and so the women do without.”

According to its homepage , The Uplift Project only sends bras where they are requested and tries to reach women who need them without compromising their dignity. For many women who work in humid climates often gardening or cooking at ground level, rashes, skin and fungal infections can occur, and be passed on to the babies whom they nurse and breastfeed. A bra provides support and air circulation and hopefully minimises or avoids such health risks.

The Social Justice Prefect says that in just two short weeks they have already collected in excess of 100 bras and the drive is due to run in to next term. “If we can help some of these women through such a simple way, then it is very worthwhile.”


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