Enrol Now - Enrolment Process

Enrolment Period for Year 7

The College is now accepting Applications for Years 7 2020 to 2021. 

Thank you for enquiring about enrolment of your daughter at Domremy College.

  • Offers of places will be according to the Sydney Catholic School's Enrolment Policy (see below).
  • In the event that a student is not offered a position in Year 7, parents may elect to leave their daughter’s name on a Waiting List at Domremy College in the event that a vacancy occurs.

To make an application to enrol your daughter at Domremy College, please read and complete the Enrolment Application documentation, which includes the following documents:

  1. Principal's Introductory Letter 
  2. Letter by Dr. Dan White, Executive Director, Sydney Catholic Schools
  3. Application to Enrol at Sydney Catholic Schools 
  4. Enrolment Application Information
  5. Publication/Media Consent Form 
  6. Child Safe Communities (Child Protection) - Information for Parents
  7. Parent Charter for Sydney Catholic Schools

Please return to the Enrolments Officer at the College:

  • the Application to Enrol at Sydney Catholic Schools* together with all supporting documentation set out in that Application and in the Principal's Introductory Letter;
  • the Publication/Media Consent Form; and
  • a $200 Application Fee (payment can be by cash, cheque or credit card)

* An Electronic Version of the Application to Enrol can also be accessed here (you may prefer to download the Application to Enrol as an electronic version, which you can then open, complete electronically and then print for return to the College).

Parents can access all information, additional reading material, Guidelines, and Policies relating to Enrolment by visiting the Parents Enrolment page on the Sydney Catholic Schools website here. 

Parents will also find the Enrolment Application Information available on the above link translated into Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The following may also be downloaded below:

Please contact lynda.zivic@syd.catholic.edu.au for any further information about enrolling at Domremy College.