Enrolment Criteria

Enrolment Policy for systemic catholic secondary colleges in the archdiocese of Sydney

Positions in Catholic Schools are available for people of any faith tradition provided they are prepared to support the ethos and values of the Catholic Church.

Rolls are opened each year, with offers being made to families, based on the state of enrolments at the time the enrolment period closes.

In the event that the number of applicants for positions exceeds the number of available positions, then the following Sydney Catholic Schools' selection policy will be applied by the Enrolment Committee at the College.

A copy of the Sydney Catholic Schools Enrolment Policy Parent Brochure (PDF) can be found here. Parents can also access all infomation, additional reading material, Guidelines and Policies relating to Enrolment by visiting the Parents Enrolment page on the Sydney Catholic Schools website here.

After the enrolment period is ended, the school may continue to take applicants to place on a waiting list. No late applicant can displace a person who has been offered a position, but where the positions are filled, the Enrolment Committee will apply the selection criteria to the waiting list, regardless of the time an application was lodged.

Where all positions have not been filled, the rolls will remain open after the closing date that was used to determine the initial offers.