Domremy Parent Representative Group


Building the spirit of the school and the community


In 2019, the College established a Domremy Parent Representative Group.  This group meets once a term with the Principal and members of the College Executive and is made up of one or two parent members from each Year level.  Members of this group provide a parent voice on issues concerning the College Community such as parent communication initiatives, parent education form ideas, information sharing, reviews of College initiatives as well as opportunities to seek advice and feedback.  Key issues arising from these meetings are circulated to parents through the College newsletter.


The Domremy Parent Representative Group Executive can be contacted via email on

Term 4 2019 Parent Newsletter:

The Parent Committee met with Principal Ms Vivienne Awad last week to discuss some current and upcoming projects and events at Domremy College. Here are some of the highlights:

Building capacity for change
With the new building and learning space to be completed in September next year, the teachers are already preparing for how to best teach project based learning. The new space will allow for a different approach to teaching to support the College goals of academic growth and achievement. 

Moving from 6 to 5 periods
From next term, all double periods will take place in the morning when the students are still energised. This means that the first lesson of the day will be 100 minutes, followed by four single periods. This will have no impact on the start and end times of the day.  

The Growth Matters program
The program is facilitated by our Year 10 students and aims to support girls' wellbeing and learning. This month’s themes ‘Gratitude and Values’ and ‘Managing and Regulating Emotions’ encourage gratitude, continue to raise awareness of wellbeing issues and build resilience in the lead-up to the school holidays. 

Other news

  • Domremy has been reaccredited for the Newman program 
  • The elective initiative for 2020 is being finalised and looking very exciting
  • A new canteen operator has been contracted for next year
  • The implementation of Compass software is almost complete
  • Please note that the DPG trading Facebook page is to be used for school related items only.  

Welcoming more parents
We are introducing ‘Morning tea with the Principal’ next year, an opportunity for all Domremy parents and carers to hear about what’s happening at the school and to share ideas you might have. More information will follow. 

Lastly, we invite more parents to join the Parent Committee next year. If you’re interested, please reach out to for more information.


The Parent Committee